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Express Coaching Limited (ECL) was established in 2004 following 3 years of product development and test marketing of coachfx™ – animation software for football coaches to illustrate their tactics or drills.  

Football Sector

In January 2005, coachfx™ was officially launched at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) convention by Stevie Nicol (former Scotland Internationalist and Liverpool player and Manager of New England revolution MLS) and it very quickly established itself as the most advanced soccer coaching software in the world.

The company now has distribution relationships in North America, South America, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, Germany and Portugal and has thousands of users spread over 152 different countries.  Key clients include FIFA, Asian Football Association, Scottish Football Association, Benfica, AC Milan, Rangers and a host of professional clubs as well as high profile coaches across the globe.

The software is now in its fourth phase of upgrade which reflects that it has developed at the same pace as advancing technology whilst still retaining its user friendly interface and ease of use.

coachfx™ in the Community

In 2007, ECL opened a new division to satisfy market demand to associate the product with the education sector.   The guiding principle of this development was using football and IT as the context for teaching curricular subjects such as Maths, English, IT and Health.  

coachfx™ Education has a number of key partnerships with schools throughout the UK education sector but arguably the software’s greatest impact has been felt away from the classroom within after school provision and diversionary projects aimed at re-engaging those most vulnerable in their own environment.   In projects using mobile classrooms (internet buses) adjoined to football facilities or simply community centres with IT support the software has broken down barriers to learning by using a context which is familiar to the huge majority of young people – football.   Many of the individuals within these projects have been successfully signposted onto further education or employment following intervention simply by creating a learning environment they are comfortable with.

coachfx™ Solutions

Our most recent business development has been in the provision of web based content through work with a number of national governing bodies, professional clubs and private e-learning soccer training companies.   ECL has created a highly engaging and interactive platform which displays streaming content be it animation, video or illustrations.   By embracing the philosophy and technology of Web 2.0 (a Web 2.0 site allows its users to interact with other users or to change website content, in contrast to non-interactive websites where users are limited to the passive viewing of information that is provided to them) the site structure's core objectives are to engage, display content, encourage dialogue, cross sell and self promote through SNS.   These objectives have resulted in our solutions being in high demand worldwide.



About us