There are a number of selling opportunities available in selected regions.

 Become an Affiliate

coachfx DistributorIf your soccer organisation or business deals directly with the soccer community, and has an online presence, Express Coaching Limited offers a great opportunity to generate revenue by selling coachfx™ Software.

With only 5 Steps, it couldn't be easier to organise and our Technical Staff are on hand to assist you all the way through the setup process from adding the links to your site to developing promotional campaigns and tracking all orders received via your site.

Following the application process and signing the Affiliate Agreement, you will be up a and running in a few days with no requirement to buy any software up front.   Your site simply acts as a new route to attract customers to buy coachfx™ and all the registration and e-commerce takes place on our site.   For every sale completed as a result of your site we will pay you 10% of the revenue on a bi monthly basis, directly to your bank account.

The great thing is that not only are you creating a new revenue stream for your organisation but you are benefitting coaches and players as they improve their understanding of the game and their ability to communicate its key concepts.

To request an application form please contact us.


Who Becomes a coachfx Affiliate?

Soccer Clubs, Youth Organisations, Leagues and State Associations, Soccer Publishers, Training Companies and Soccer Camps etc.


5 Steps

1. Complete online enquiry form.

2. Complete application and agreement.

3. Tracking links added to your site.

4. Media/promotional pack provided.

5. Sales tracking provided to you.



Become a Distributor

coachfx DistributorA step up from being an Affiliate which is more suitable for larger Soccer Associations, Clubs and Soccer Retailers is being a distributor of coachfx™ .   Our arrangements differ from the above in that you the distributor buy a certain volume of coachfx™ Software as CD's which you then sell on to your client base.   We of course support this process from a marketing, promotions and technical perspective but the there must be a purchase of software up front.   Once your customer has bought the software we handle the registration process and any updates required or technical issues.

Again the application process is very simple and only takes a few days to complete and our distributor rates are very favourable with returns being anywhere between 40% - 50% depending upon volume.

  Contact us to request a meeting and a review of the terms and conditions





Who Becomes a coachfx Distributor?

Larger Soccer Associations, Clubs and Soccer Retailers


5 Steps

1. Complete the online enquiry form.

2. Conference call/meeting arranged

3. Volumes and fees agreed and agreement signed.

4. Media/promotional pack provided.

5. Order shipped to you.