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Do not pigeonhole your players, urges O’Donell
Find out about the AIFF Coaching Seminar, held in July this year where CoachFX presented our latest Cloud based software to the gathered coaches.

Scots firm blows whistle on World Cup refs
DON'T blame the referee. Blame a small Scottish software company. As the world's eyes are on Africa with millions tuning in to the World Cup, the men often in the centre of that global attention have turned their eyes to Glasgow.

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The naivety of Stuart Pearce
Sometimes coaches can get carried away with themselves. How many times do coaches say in the post match press conference that they did not see a controversial incident which favoured their team while having perfect vision to see another incident the same distance away which went against their team? Pearce’s comments before the opening Team GB match [...]
Posted by George Cumming on Thu, 26 Jul 2012