6 - adidas Club Partner Curriculum (Team Performance)
by CoachFX


Number of Sessions: 12

Number of Drills: 72

Channel Type: Team

Channel Themes: Offensive Org, Defensive Org

This channel includes:

3D images of sessions. Session notes.

About this Channel

This Channel of performance level curriculum has been constructed meticulously to progressively introduced advanced themes with Offensive Organisation and Defensive Organisation in four 3-week Macro Cycles.

  • Macro Cycle 1 - Building Play (Week 1 - 3)
  • Macro Cycle 2 - Building Up Attacks (Week 4 - 6)
  • Macro Cycle 3 - Creating Chances (Week 7 - 9)
  • Macro Cycle 4 - Finishing Chances (Week 10 - 12)

There are 72 high level drills contained within this programme which has been used to develop professional Academy teams to compete at the highest level in European competition.   Use this together with your own weekly coaching programme to ensure your players experience a progressive long term development programme and adjust according to stage or level of ability.

Each weekly session divided into 6 components:

Stage 1 – Warm Up

This is the first part of the session and although very much physical focused to ensure players heart rates are increased and muscles are warmed up, there should be an incorporation of the session's main tactical theme to allow the players to understand what the objectives of the session are and ensure an early introduction to principles.

Stage 2 - Conditioning

Players will take part in a physical drill relative to the periodised training plan and as much as possible linked to the main tactical theme of the session i.e. short pressing running drills are suitable for a strength training day as they will require the players to complete a high number of accelerations and declarations along with body contacts.

Stage 3 - Technical Practice

Players will take part in a technical based drill with little or no pressure to allow the main theme of the session to be fully understood with clear coaching points and principles put across. This drill should be relative to the rest of the session and make reference to the tactical organisation of the team such as formation of the team or specific patterns in the offensive organisation.

Stage 4 - Possession Game

This part of the session should now have full pressure and become directional. This could take the shape of a possession game with a scoring zone to attack/defend or a goal for the attacking team to target and a zone for the defending team to break into. This should allow the players an opportunity to practice what was coached previously in the drill in more of a game-like situation.

Stage 5 - Game Practice

This should now be as game-like as possible and go in both directions. The game can take the shape of an overload allowing success for the attacking team or placing the defensive team under added pressure. Reference should be made to the two previous stages of the session although flow should be given to the game to allow the players the opportunity to problem solve.

Stage 6 - Tactical Organisation

This now allows the coach to shape his team of 11 against the remaining squad players which may result in 11v6 etc. Here the coach should be clear on how they want their team to play specifically towards the tactical theme of the session. The remaining players can be manipulated to create specific situations on the pitch such as a back four and two midfielders or two strikers and four midfielders. Where possible, reference should also be made to next opponents and how the offensive and defensive organisation along with transitional play and set plays will affect the game.

About Author

The platform forms part of an exclusive package of benefits provided by adidas to its parner clubs in the US.   adidas soccer is dedicated to the development of its partner clubs in the US and the platform, powered by our partners CoachFX, delivers world class coaching resources suitable for any club to implement.

With coaching content aimed at both players and coaches, each session is structured to deliver a progressive development programme over a number of weeks that is age and stage specific.

It is designed to complement the great work delivered by clubs across the country and support coaches and players as they maximise their own potential in our game.