Using CoachFX 360 Drill Design Software
by CoachFX


Number of Sessions: 5

Number of Drills: 14

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Channel Themes: CoachFX 360, Tutorials

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Video tutorials

About this Channel

A video tutorial channel covering the following tutorials

  • Installing CoachFX 360
  • Adding and Deleting Objects
  • Saving and Opening CoachFX 360 Files
  • Using Camera Controls
  • Creating Illustrations
  • Changing Line Colours
  • Changing Shape Colours
  • Using the 5 Character Movement Speeds
  • Using Passing Speeds
  • Attaching Footballs to Players
  • Creating Basic Run and Dribble Animations
  • Creating Simple Animations with Multiple Players
  • Exporting a CoachFX 360 File as a WebM Video
  • Exporting CoachFX 360 as an Image File.

About Author

CoachFX 360 is the World's Most Advanced drill design software in the football market.

Built by CoachFX it has been developed with a coach's mindset to give the most realistic version of your drill possible.

Easy to use it features:

  • Downloaded to your device to protect YOUR content.
  • PC and Mac versions available.
  • Smooth 3D lifelike motion of players, officials and balls.
  • 360 degree cameras to track your drill.
  • 3D players, officials, equipment, stadium and pitch types.
  • Vast library of equipment.
  • 8 different players and officials with multplie kit options.
  • Advanced analytical tools including player highlighters, touchline tracker, player linking and ball motion.
  • We also offer a branded version which will surround the stadium in your club or sponsor logo, drop us a note to find out more.

Cost is $199.00 in the first year then $20 for annual renewal.

Any questions please feel free to email us at