CoachFX PRO (2D Drill Designer)


About this product

CoachFX PRO is easy to use 2D drill creation software for soccer that downloads to your device.

Breathe life into your coaching sessions and visually show your players what you want them to do. Full functionality including animated referees, a range of analytical tools and combine all this with digital video.

  • Amazing 2D full motion graphics.
  • Multiple pitch layouts.
  • Multiple camera views.
  • Amazing analytic tools.
  • Draw and text tools.
  • Full range of equipment.
  • Draw incredibly sharp illustrations.

French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English versions.

The cost is $125.00 in the first year and then a $10 renewal each year afterwards.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not tablet or Mac compatible.   Suitable for PC only.



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Asian Football Confederation

coachfx™ is an excellent training and teaching programme. The high quality software created specifically for refereeing is unique in world football and I believe will greatly enhance the referee development and training programmes for federations, confederations and for FIFA, the world governing body. It can be integrated with film footage for match analysis and for fitness training programmes or can be used on its own.

A great attraction is that is extremely user friendly for instructors and allows them to produce and distribute high quality teaching material suitable for all levels of referees.

George Cumming

FIFA - Head of Refereeing (Former)


FIFA Referee Assistance Programme

I would be delighted to endorse coachfx™ as the software of choice for the FIFA referee instructors.   We have deployed the software with all of our Referee Assistance Programme technical instructors and fitness instructors and have used the coachfx™ team to train them in Bucharest in April 2010.   Painting a picture is so important in the learning process with developing referees and coachfx™ allows our staff to quickly create realistic game situations, fitness drills and integrated training drills.


FIFA Head of Refereeing a. i. (Former)

Scottish Football Association

I have used coachfx™ for several months now and it has enhanced all of my presentations especially the animation bringing to life my demonstrations for the training ground. I have found it easy to work with and it has been a terrific tool for me.

Donald Parks

Scottish Football Association - Head of Coach Education